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Lady Norbert [userpic]
Welcome and rules of conduct
by Lady Norbert (ladynorbert)
at February 8th, 2009 (06:28 pm)

Hi and welcome to enlightenus! We're glad you've come to share in this online Bible study with us. This post will explain the basic structure of the comm and outline our established rules.

Here's how we roll:

* Your moderators and community founders are ladynorbert and oldschoollozfan. Each Sunday, one of us will post a Bible passage here in the community. You are then encouraged to comment to that post to discuss what you think the verse means, how it relates to our lives today, what you personally get from it. Ask questions, learn from each other!

* By no means does the discussion have to end on one verse just because the next one goes up! As long as people have something to say about it, feel free to keep the conversation going.

* Although this is a Bible study, we want to stress that our membership is open to people of all faiths who are interested in learning more about the Judeo-Christian Bible and system of beliefs. We ask only that everyone come to the table with an open mind and a willingness to learn. No one would be turned away based on his or her beliefs (or lack thereof).

* With that in mind, we do expect everyone to treat everyone else with respect and consideration. Flames, trolling, etc. will result in mod action; depending on the severity of the offense, repercussions will range from a warning to outright banning.

* To that end, there will be no:

  • Insults or personal attacks of any kind
  • Offensive comments about ANY religion
  • Off-topic commenting -- this is a gray area; if, for instance, you bring up a movie or a book and explain how you feel it relates to the verse being discussed, that's fine. Going off on a fannish tangent, not so much.

* If you have a community that you would like to affiliate with this one, please leave a comment!

* Any questions not covered by these rules, leave a comment and we'll answer as soon as possible.